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Reinforced Lightweight Aggregates

Title Patent: Reinforced Lightweight Aggregates

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Patent No: US10851018B2


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Reinforced lightweight aggregates (RLWA) are among the technologies of environment, recycling, nano-material and new road and construction technologies that are used as light and fibrous grain or artificial sand in the road and construction industries, insulation industries, Used in agriculture, art, defense, marine, water and sewage and so on.

Ingredients of these lightweight aggregates are polymer foam (synthetic) recycled materials, cementation materials, nanomaterial and polymer and metal fibers. RLWA aggregates based on domestic and international standards and requirements in two rows of structural and non-structural, in two groups of sharp corners and round corners according to ASTM and BSI standards in various colors and sizes of 200 microns up to 15 cm can be produced.

Special and new applications of RLWA aggregates can be used in the design and manufacture of all types of concrete and impermeable concrete parts, anti-short and long electromagnetic waves, elastic, smart, anti-fungal and anti-algae, chemical and minerals absorbers, construction of surface and subsurface floats, construction of various types of oil rigs, design and construction of various types of suspension and special concrete and composite bridges, design and construction of various types of impenetrable buildings.

Due to advanced, intelligent production technology, high production speed, without the use of fuel and rotary thermal furnaces in production, the presence of raw materials in most parts of the world, the volume of production machines compared to similar cases, the variety of applications in products Consumption, lower cost than similar industrial items, has special advantages for investment and production globally.

The Main Applications

Marine Industries

The Main Applications

Road Construction

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The Main Applications

Bridge Buildings

The Main Applications

Concrete Parts

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Security Structures

The Main Applications


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