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Reinforced Lightweight Aggregates

Title Patent: Reinforced Lightweight Aggregates

Patent and granted in the USPTO

Patent No: US10851018B2


Published in the Patent Scope(WIPO)


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Reinforced lightweight aggregates (RLWA) are among the technologies of environment, recycling, nano-material and new road and construction technologies that are used as light and fibrous grain or artificial sand in the road and construction industries, insulation industries, Used in agriculture, art, defense, marine, water and sewage and so on.

Ingredients of these lightweight aggregates are polymer foam (synthetic) recycled materials, cementation materials, nanomaterial and polymer and metal fibers. RLWA aggregates based on domestic and international standards and requirements in two rows of structural and non-structural, in two groups of sharp corners and round corners according to ASTM and BSI standards in various colors and sizes of 200 microns up to 15 cm can be produced.

Special and new applications of RLWA aggregates can be used in the design and manufacture of all types of concrete and impermeable concrete parts, anti-short and long electromagnetic waves, elastic, smart, anti-fungal and anti-algae, chemical and minerals absorbers, construction of surface and subsurface floats, construction of various types of oil rigs, design and construction of various types of suspension and special concrete and composite bridges, design and construction of various types of impenetrable buildings.

Due to advanced, intelligent production technology, high production speed, without the use of fuel and rotary thermal furnaces in production, the presence of raw materials in most parts of the world, the volume of production machines compared to similar cases, the variety of applications in products Consumption, lower cost than similar industrial items, has special advantages for investment and production globally.

Lightweight Aggregates History


Lightweight Aggregates

In 273-BC in ancient Rome lightweight aggregates (pumice) were carried from a distance of 40 Km to the port of COSA on the West side of Italy and used in port construction and build of temples and stadium. In the 600s-AD, LWA Pumice(famous natural LWA, Pumice and Scoria) were used in construction of the first Sophia Church in Istanbul.


Lightweight Aggregates

In 1917,the first industrial lightweight aggregate (artificial aggregates) invented by Mr. Hayde

in Kansas ,United States; by heating the clay soils near to 1200 ° c in a rotating cylindrical furnace to produce the light expanded clay or “Haydet”.

This type of LWA was used in the ship-building industry in the World War І (Atlantus ,Selma) and  bridges construction in the 50s and 60s . It has been also used in the construction of large bridges other buildings in most of American and European countries from 1960-1980.

Some of well-known industrial LWA are: expanded clay , expanded perlite , expanded glass ,…

Industrial Lightweight Aggregate worlds most famous

Expanded clay
(Leca, Aglite, Argex, Liapour)

Date of registration : 1917 - USA Production technology : Thermal -Expanded

Expanded Glass (Poraver)

Date of registration : 1983 - Germany Production technology : Thermal -Expanded

Expanded Perlite

Date of registration : 1940 - USA Production technology : Thermal -Expanded

Gala Projects

Lightweight Aggregate definition

Lightweight aggregate is defined according to ASTM C330 ,C331:

Non-compacted aggregate weight of 1120kg/m3 or less fine and coarse aggregates for loose weight knows Lightweight aggregate 880kg/m3 or less.

Lightweight aggregate is defined according to BS 3797:

Non-compacted aggregate weight of 400-1200kg/m3 and gross aggregates for loose weight knows Lightweight aggregate 250-1000kg/m3 or less.

The waste that we recycle and use


Are not normally gathered by the others


Are not recycled by the others. (Only 5%)


Cannot be buried in landfills.


Cannot be collected.


Do not degrade in the Nature.


The world's most widely used polymer materials.


The world's most inexpensive polymers.


The world's most environmentally harmful polymers.

Change This Waste


No Heat
Dry Recycling
Low Investment
Mineral Materials


What is RLWA?

RLWA stands for Reinforced Lightweight Aggregates

RLWA is a type of Reinforced artificial sand.

RLWA is a kind of fibrous industrial lightweight aggregate and sand.


Ingredients of GALA

What RLWA composed of recycled materials?

Thermoplastic foam

(PS ,PE ,PVC ,EVA , PA ,…)

Thermoset foam

(PU ,PIR ,PF ,UFFI ,UF ,…)

Elastomer foam


Sample Pictures

Variety in color, size, shape and quality

Size: 200 microns -70 mm

Color: Infinite

Shape: rounded corners and sharp corners

Quality: non-structural, semi-structural, structural, strong

The Main Applications

Marine Industries

The Main Applications

Road Construction

The Main Applications


The Main Applications

Bridge Buildings

The Main Applications

Concrete Parts

The Main Applications

Security Structures

The Main Applications

Technology Tree

Comparison of Expanded Clay & Expanded Glass & SADAB

Technical Specification

GALA production process

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